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10/01/2019 12:43

Volunteers organized a musical concert for guests and honorary donors of the Sumy Regional Blood Service Center.

On August 28, volunteers of our center witnessed the presentation of the certificate of the National Register of Records of Ukraine. The record was registered in Sumy. 190 blood (and its components) donations per 1000 of population are not only the national record of Ukraine, but also a serious result for world recognition.

The Deputy Chairman of the Sumy Regional Council Tatiana Golovko and the Mayor of Sumy Alexander Lysenko took part in the celebrations. The head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, Lana Vetrova, noted that the expert commission had been very carefully checking statistical data, but the facts are the facts. At the ceremony, there was presented the certificate confirming the National Record. Moreover, Vera Grischuk, Natalya Zubakha and Alexander Ivanii received the certificate of Honorary Donor of Ukraine. And what a holiday without friends and like-minded people? Oksana Smolnikova, chairperson of the NGO “Parents of Cancer Children”, thanked all the charitable donors and presented cards with creative works and wishes of their little wards.

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation.