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08/11/2018 09:42

Volunteer action to support children with cancer.

On September 2, we held a city action called “To the best city – our love” to support cancer patients, which are being treated in the hematology department of Sumy city children’s hospital.

On September 17, due to this volunteer action, the department of the hospital received 468 syringes, 100 pairs of disposable gloves, 400 disposable masks, 15 packs of 5% glucose, 15 packs of sodium chloride 0.9%.

In addition, volunteers donated needlework kits to children. Our reliable friend-partner Sergey Shmonov, director of patisserie Savaren visited the department of the hospital with us as well as donated 15 packs of crayons to children.

Volunteers prepared a creative master class on spot painting for children and their parents.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the action – citizens, SVC volunteers, staff members of the Charitable Foundation Hesed Haim and all people who care!

Doing good is easy! Let’s do good deeds together !!!