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20/03/2016 15:59

From 8-10 January 2016, at the resort complex “Rovesnik” there it was organized the family Shabbat. Shabat’s program had been prepared and realized by our volunteers. For the first time the participate in such a large-scale action and for the first time they are full-fledged independent madrikhs. Aleksandra Mirskaya was the administrator and had controlled that everything went according to the plan. Polozhay Konstantin, Shtafinskaya Valeria, Koval Aleksandra were madrikhs in the youngest group. Annushka Belozerova and Anastasia Katz were madrikhs at teenagers’ group. Korsun Evgeny and Andreyev Roman had organized “A Casino of Board Games”. Anastasia Konechnaya and Anna Vasilevskaya had prepared charming master classes. Vadim Mashkov and Anna Vasilevskaya had prepared “An Evening Karaoke”. Alla Vasilyev had arranged intellectual fights at the lecture “Crossword puzzle”. Schwarzman Marina photographed all these events.