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20/03/2016 16:01

Keep the tree — hand over the waste paper! With such moto in our Hesed, the ecological action in collecting of the waste paper takes place. If you are going to throw out the old newspaper, book or magazine, think whether it is better to bring them to us.

Why it is necessary to hand over waste paper:

1. You know that the paper is generally produced out of the wood but in order to grow up

a solid tree, it is needed 50 years, as minimum. The trees are cut down more actively,

than they are planted and it is high time to think of the consequences. It is possible to

make 25000 notebooks out of the ton of the waste paper, besides 60 kg of the waste paper

keep 1 tree from cutting down.

2. The production of the paper is a process which demands much water expenses and energy consumption. And the ton of the waste paper saves 200 cubic meters of water and 1000 kWh of the electric power, it is a lot of. Our volunteers also help to take out a large amount of the paper to those who can’t make it independently.