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11/05/2016 14:12

On the 9th of May there was organized the traditional Requiem in the Jewish cemetery in memory of the Jews of Sumy shot during the fascist occupation of the city. This event was attended by more than 55 people – members of the Jewish community. It is pleasant to note that this number increases every year. This is a good tendency, because people, for whom the Victory Day is not just a history, but something personal, are fewer and fewer. But at the meeting come young people, adolescents and children who have been born and are living in peace. But it was so unsteady…

Near the obelisk there were few men in bales. Those were students of the program Kollel Torah. Who could imagine 15 years ago that the funeral praying over the ashes of the dead Jews from Sumy and in memory of the victims of the Shoah will be read by r. E.Levitanski in minyan!

Victory day had come through a long way. Just a few veterans-participants of the World War II are still live, and those who come to celebrate this Day in the city, lean on sticks and children’s and grandchildren’s hands. For us it is especially important to congratulate the veterans, give flowers to them and to take some pictures. Not for Instagram, but for the living memory of generations.

After the meeting everyone went to the monument of the Unknown Soldier, who is popularly called Alyosha. Those were the participants of the youth club “Kohavim”, Hesed staff, volunteers of Sumy Volunteer Network “Community”, the parents (even grandmothers) and pupils of the Sunday school. As always, we handed in the flowers to the elderly, hung with medals and awards, and it was so touching…

This day, everybody congratulates veterans. In our community there has left only one of them, Robert Kesselman, the old doctor-orthopedist. May 20 he will be 92 years old!

In the evening there was a concert on the steps of the Schepkin Theater. The highlight of the program was the performance of the vocal theater-studio “Aviv” under the direction of Elizabeth Sherstuk. The strongest part of the concert was their musical composition “On the waves of your memory.”

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