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20/03/2016 15:54

On November 22, it took place the Mitzvat Day 365. This day, all Jewish communities of the world carry out various social events. This year we decided to join it, too. What to hink up? The idea was born at Shabbat on a visit to Nastya Konechnaya. Now, it is the late fall, it is cold and rainy in the street. What can warm you in such a weather? The kind word, a smile and a glass of hot tea with tasty cookie. At the beginning, there were few people, everybody concerned us cautiously. It was difficult for them to believe that we advertized nothing. From time to time, there came more and more people. With great pleasure they had tea and communicated with us. It was interesting to them who we were and what our purpose was. We heard many thanksgiving words. We liked it, too, because it is so pleasant to do good deeds!