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26/07/2016 15:09

Last year we have joined the International social charitable project “Week of Good Deeds”, we have already written about it. This year we haven’t stood aside and have continued the active participation in this remarkable action.
The participants of the Youth club “Kokhavim” and vocal studio “Abibus” are the active participants of the Sumy Volunteer Network “Community”.
On April 10, the guys have visited the Orphanage of S.P.Supruna. We were accepted by the family group No. 2 — the teenagers of 12-13 years. The Volunteers have prepared for them the big game program, a master class in cards design(it was very useful because the girl, Dasha, from their group has her Birthday soon), they drew the newspaper with kind wishes, and the afternoon snack was similar to the picnic. For the memory of this meeting, the children have received tasty souvenirs and balloons.
At the end of our meeting, the curious faces of younger group have appeared in the doorway — they have received their portion of candies and balloons, too.

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