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26/07/2016 15:12

It is already for several times during this academic year, the  participants of Youth club, Children’s Day center, the volunteers of the Sumy Volunteer Network “Community” , and also their friends and parents visited the shelter for the dogs of the Sumy society of animals’ protection. Such visits became already a good tradition.

Now, the  elderly members of our community have joined this action, too . They have collected for “poor doggies” the products – canned food, grain, oil, and also old things for laying.

Here is the impression of the visit to the shelter, of one of our activists,  Inna Moskalenko, on March 26: “Today there was a remarkable day. We with our amicable Youth team have visited the dogs’ shelter.

Panicly, I was afraid of dogs and I felt very terrible from one thought of the barking dog. The first steps were very difficult, but it was worth of it. These kind lovely eyes have seen much, they  know everything about human cruelty. But they also know and feel the kindness and sincerity. They are glad to any help and even to the slightest sign of attention. Each doggie is worthy to have its owner who will love it, to play with it, and to indulge it.

I am infinitely grateful to those not indifferent people who cook the food to these doggies every day, clean after them, treat them if it is required, and just so easily give them a part of their heart. Such people deserve a monument, but they don’t need it.”

Dear friends, if in your refrigerator or the storeroom there are excess, unnecessary products or the products with the short term of the validity, share them with the animals from the shelter. They aren’t so capricious and whimsical, as pets, but they will estimate your kindness much more.
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