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20/05/2018 15:58


In January, there was held the premiere of the “Ghetto” performance of the Youth Jewish Theatre.

For the entire Soviet and post-Soviet theatre history of our city, a reading of the Holocaust topic on the stage was made for the first time.

For today, we have already presented this topic for residents of different cities of the Ukraine, who did not know a lot or heard about this terrible history for the first time. They sympathized, felt empathy and cried together with the heroes of the “Ghetto”.

The main goal of our performance is to show the tragedy of the Jewish people, we want people to remember forever that antisemitism, xenophobia, fascism and hate of one nation towards another are terrible, inhuman and unacceptable.


We do everything so that others remember too!

Our Youth Jewish Theatre, where the main part of participants are volunteers, continues its tour around the Ukraine with the performance “Ghetto”.

On January 28 – Kharkiv, 25 Sumskaya Street, Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

On February 4 – Zaporozhye

On February 11 – Sumy